Amazingly Hot & Spicy Pork Adobo

How to cook Amazingly hot Spicy Pork Adobo



  1. Heat the oil in a pan.
  2. Brown the garlic.
  3. Add in the pork and then cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until light brown.
  4. Pour-in soy sauce, oyster sauce, and water. Stir and then let boil.
  5. Add the dry red chili, whole peppercorn, and bay leaves. Cover and the simmer for 40 to 45 minutes
  6. Pour in vinegar and allow to re-boil
  7. Add sugar and salt. Stir and then cook for 3 minutes.
  8. Transfer to a serving plate.
  9. Serve. Share and enjoy!

Preparation and Cooking Time: 45 Mins


Adobo History

Despite the fact that it has a name taken from Spanish, the cooking technique is indigenous to the Philippines. Early Filipinos cooked their sustenance ordinarily by simmering, steaming or bubbling techniques. To keep it new more, nourishment was regularly cooked by inundation in vinegar and salt. In this manner, it is likely that Filipinos could have been cooking meat in vinegar as a method for protection. This procedure goes back to the Classical Period and was utilized for pork and chicken.
At the point when the Spanish Empire colonized the Philippines in the late sixteenth century and mid-seventeenth century, they experienced this cooking procedure. It was initially recorded in the lexicon Vocabulario de la Lengua Tagala (1613) accumulated by the Spanish Franciscan minister Pedro de San Buenaventura. He alluded to it as adobo de Los Naturales (“adobo of the local peoples”).Dishes arranged in this way inevitably came to be known by this name, with the first term for the dish now lost to history.
Chinese brokers presented soy sauce which has supplanted salt in the dish. Be that as it may, there are adobo idealists who keep on using salt in their adobo.
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