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BORACAY: Budget, Itinerary and Travel Guide

BORACAY: Budget, Itinerary and Travel Guide

It was the midweek of an off-pinnacle season. For the most part, occasions such as this, I would hope to have the shoreline all to myself. Be that as it may, this was not a customary shoreline. This was Boracay. What’s more, in Boracay, even a moderate day is thundering.

Boracay has dependably been the lead shoreline goal of the Philippines. It has topped many arrangements of the best shorelines on the planet, ordered by worldwide travel magazines. This lovin’ from neighborhood and outside press and explorers has been drawing swarms and swarms of voyagers. What used to be an untainted tired town changed into an overdeveloped party island. Indeed, even upscale lodgings and eateries have discovered their way to the island, pulling in extravagance explorers. However, it stays well disposed to the financial plan cognizant.

The most effective method to GET TO BORACAY

Situated off the northwestern shore of Aklan, Boracay Island is extremely available to the shoreline opening up to the world. In case you’re originating from Manila, flying is the best choice. Every single real aircraft travel to both of them.

Two air terminals serve Boracay-bound travelers. Every airplane terminal has advantages and disadvantages.

Kalibo is more distant, requiring around 2 hours of travel time, yet passages are significantly less expensive.

Caticlan is nearer, 15 minutes away, yet charges are much more costly.

Whatever you pick, you have to advance toward the Caticlan Jetty Port. Here’s a concise well ordered guide:

From Kalibo Airport, take the transport or van to Caticlan Jetty Port. Toll: P200.

In case you’re a major gathering, you may likewise consider organizing a private van exchange that will sit tight for you at the air terminal. I have attempted this pre-orchestrated setup before when I was a piece of a gathering of 10. Cost was P3800 roundtrip (P1900 one-way, or P180 per individual per way).

Upon landing in the pier port, continue to the corners close to the passageway to the building and settle the Terminal Fee (P100), Environmental Fee (P75), and Ferry Fare (P25).

Inside the port building, enroll, continue to the Passenger Waiting Area, and sit tight to board declaration.

Board the vessel or ship to the island.

You will dock at either Cagban or Tambisaan Port. In any case, there are tricycles holding up here that can take you to your inn. On the off chance that your lodging is in the White Beach Area, cost is P100 per ride.

In case you’re originating from Caticlan air terminal, you can take a tricycle to the port. You can likewise walk; it ought to take around 10 minutes.

For more nitty gritty guidelines, look at this post: How to get to Boracay from Kalibo or Caticlan


Check Rates Here | Book Here

While Boracay has the absolute most costly lodgings in the nation, you will likewise locate the flip side of the range here. Inns and guesthouses are not the undeniable decision to the normal visitor. In any case, in case you’re not picky and you’re willing to relinquish the aircon and different enhancements, you’ll be astonished by the quantity of alternatives anticipating aimless voyagers.

Inns. Fan rooms can be reserved for around P500 amid off-pinnacle. A bed in a quarters costs as low as P300 every night. Hostelworld is a decent place to begin searching for moderate inns.


I stayed once at Frendz Resort at Station 1 for P500 every night (Dorm room), and it was a truly wonderful ordeal. Not beachfront but rather sufficiently close. Only an overnight boardinghouse fan, yet the explorer vibe compensated for it. I generally like spots where I could meet different explorers and make companions.

Spending Hotels and Guesthouses. On the off chance that lodgings aren’t your thing, spending inns and guesthouses are likewise a decent decision. Agoda and Expedia have a rich determination of lodgings. Doubtlessly, one of them will undoubtedly address your issues.

I had a delight of remaining at Dakong Amihan Home, and I had a great time. Rates are P1,750 per room (off-pinnacle, useful for 2 pax). Once more, not beachfront but rather near many key attractions in the island.


Most beachfront eateries are exorbitant. Indeed, even the P300-buffets along White Beach sound great, however they taste frustrating. There are mid-run restos more distant from the shoreline that might be justified regardless of an attempt. In any case, in case you’re truly worried about the costs, your most logical option are the turo-turo carinderias along the primary street and internal rear ways. P60 ought to as of now get you a conventional rice feast.

One famous nourishment place is D’Talipapa, where you can look for new fixings (fish!) and have one of the encompassing restaurants set them up the way you like it for an expense. This is perfect for gatherings!

In the event that the place you are remaining in permits you to cook or get ready sustenance yourself, visit Talipapa Bukid at Station 3 for the fixings!


Like I generally say, the one thing that I adore about Boracay and what I think makes it so famous is the assorted qualities of exercises. Boracay will keep you occupied, and there’s no coming up short on things to do. It has something for everybody.

The following are the attractions you might need to consider. I have composed a different passage with more data about these exercises, including how to book and the amount to spend


Here’s an example Boracay long-end of the week (3D2N) agenda. Take note of this expect you will take an early morning flight to Kalibo and a late evening flight back.


07:30 am – Check-in NAIA Terminal 3

08:40 am – ETD NAIA Terminal 3 – Kalibo

09:30 am – ETA Kalibo International Airport

10:00 am – Board transport to Caticlan Jetty Port

12:00 pm – Arrival at Caticlan (Grab fast lunch)

01:00 pm – Board vessel/ship to Boracay

01:40 pm – Check-in at Hotel, spruce up

03:00 pm – Explore White Beach and Diniwid Beach, Willy’s Rock

05:30 pm – Watch Sunset, Dinner


07:00 am – Island Hopping + Lunch

01:00 pm – Swimming once more, or rest.

03:00 pm – Flyfish

04:30 pm – Parasailing

06:00 pm – Freshen up

07:00 pm – Dinner

09:00 pm – party, move, pulls


06:00 am – Wake up call

07:00 am – Breakfast

08:20 am – Buy Pasalubong at D’Talipapa or D’Mall

11:20 am – Check out

12:00 pm – Board ship back to Caticlan

12:40 pm – Board transport to Kalibo

02:40 pm – Arrive at Kalibo, fast lunch

03:50 pm – Check in at air terminal

05:00 pm – ETD Kalibo Airport

06:10 pm – ETA Manila – NAIA 3

Simply make the essential changes in accordance with fit your arrangements, flight calendar, and action inclinations.


In case you’re interested what amount would you be spending on the off chance that you take after the schedule over, the breakdown beneath can reveal a little insight. This calculation depends on one individual remaining at a fan room at a lodging and joining different explorers (to shape a couple or a gathering) for the exercises. Airfare, air terminal charges, pasalubong, and celebrating costs are excluded.

P400 – Van passage from Kalibo airplane terminal to Caticlan and back (P200/way)

P100 – Caticlan Jetty terminal charge

P20 – Tambisaan terminal charge

P75 – Environmental charge

P50 – Ferry roundtrip passage (P25/way)

P200 – Total tricycle passage

P1000 – Frendz Hostel Dorm Bed (P500/night, 2 evenings)

P1000 – Parasailing (Diamond Watersports)

P600 – Flyfish (Diamond Watersports)

P500 – Island bouncing

P200 – Some arbitrary various odds and ends whatever

P1250 – Total nourishment Budget

P5,395 – TOTAL

As usual, there are approaches to try and make this much lower. In case you’re not intrigued by parasailing or flyfish riding, you can supplant them with substantially less expensive options. That is as of now short P1600. On the off chance that you are a piece of a major gathering, you can in any case bring the cost of nourishment down.

It is additionally essential to note that things are considerably less expensive amid off-pinnacle season (June-October). The late spring months may bring you more fun, yet the cost of nearly everything develops with the group.

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