The Difference of Monster Province and Giant Manila

What is the difference living in Metro Manila and Provinces

The Story of Probinsyano that first time in Maynila or Manila.

“Hello, how are you? Long time no observe ah! “Said while they could have the inverse magbisaya eh (Province Language) joke he doesn’t! I would likewise brighten and particularly I need to Tagalog, scrumptious hearing.

I simply needed to go to Manila, I truly imagined. Before long I satisfied well, I likewise achieved Manila. However, it was not all that simple, the water that was drawn a few seconds ago that I purchased; The fuel was picking me back home, I’ve now purchased and social as a result of smolders hehe!

At that point when collecting in the territory fragile pinipig, now without gather, numerous pinipig, can be acquired. I see you progress in Manila, just not in the same class as we pinipig region.

Here nearly everybody is hustling to get the transport or jeep, the quantity of passes practically nagkakarerahan eh. I don’t recognize what or where I paparahin, my mary! I nearly feel shaken me an excessive amount of I simply recording the stirrup I feel that I ought to fall, eg the transport drove off of the pattern!

“Ay mother! I’m not in a rush, many sitting tight for me! “Like I think drivers he hehe man!

Us the uncommon passing auto. When you go, you ought to in any case morning just to watch you in light of the fact that if not, you most likely don’t have a ride since tomorrow twelve the following. All things considered, here in Manila have additionally progressed in light of the fact that if not, you’re most likely late getting into the additional movement out and about and an excessive number of vehicles hahahah!

Extraordinary refinement, yet the more prominent the possibility that an occupation in Manila a little class contrasted with the previous commonplace class additionally; That, in any case, is that you drive forward – 1,500 1,200 a month compensation.


Provinces Life

Here I additionally experience to live far from my folks. Quite impulsive of me since I Tagalog, they say, is excessively clear jokes. At that point snicker at you when once in a while you nagbisaya.

I see that however here in Manila I learned everything.

On the off chance that I spare when I was a virgin; when I returned in the territory have youngsters. Unfortunately, not with the tyke’s dad! Greetings tech for sure; a joke that was, isn’t that so? I acknowledged my destiny set up longed for going. Be that as it may, now the place I incredibly respected he conveyed me to the disappointment and the aggregate total, despite everything I’m retreating to where the source

Manila Life


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