Faith that Overcomes

One of the most inspiring stories of my friend name Ronald,
He’s 25 years old and grown up without the present of his father.

I will meet him at the church Last Feb. 2012 (Church Event),
I have known him a very strong man not only on physical but also on his personality.

He have many dreams that want to achieve in life but unfortunately his parent cant afford to provide him especially the expenses on studying in Good Schools. But, that struggle will not stop him.

I remember when we are walking beside STI College (One of the most popular IT school in the Philippines) Ronald was talking to me and he said that “One day i will be graduated on this School”

We are same Christians, and we believe that God is a Good Provider at all time. but his faith is so excellent. Yes sometimes he doing bad but the most important thing is he always back to his faith after realizing that we cant do anything without the Present of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many People will help him and work at the same time to earn money. I witness how hard his path to reaching his Goals.

He is now working as a professional worker with the Sales Company somewhere in Ayala, He also Graduated in STI (BS Business Management) now i’m looking forward for his great carrier in the future.

I just want to write this story to encourage other people that have goals in life like Ronald but somehow many struggles are blocked them to achieved that.

His story is like our story too. But he proved that there’s no impossible if you have faith in God, face all the giants in your life and Don’t Give up on all your struggles in life.

Remember always, God said:

Philippians 4:13
I can do all this through him who gives me strength.


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