Showing in cinema: December 25, 2016
Director: Real Florido, Arturo San Agustin
Stars: Nora Aunor, Ricky Davao, JC de Vera
MTRCB: Rated R-13

A Filpino family deals with hooded people who are involved in extra-judicial killings and other abuses in Philippine society.



insinuates (Kabisera) the pioneer of the eating table that is frequently the seat of the pioneer of the family.

In this 2016 Metro Manila Film Fest section, he is Trying de Dios (Ricky Davao) who is hitched to Mercy (Nora Aunor).

The record of Kabisera spreads out consistently, beginning with the standard Filipino celebration to present one more year: sparklers and sustenance.

Trying is a close-by power whose certified activities are canvassed in vulnerability even from his significant other and as severe attempts are made on his life, she confronts him, however, is reassured that nothing is out of request. That person who does incredible work has risky people as foes.

The describing is direct, showing cuts of standard Filipino family life, including the widespread, normal dialogs at the eating table over school and associations.

Regardless, the script by Real Florido encounters that pothole of “telling, not showing up.”

The most striking scene in the film comes from the inside, when Nora goes through the house, with simply the sound of the rain serving as establishment, the camera is arranged all over as it mirrors the particular nuances of what is going on in her cerebrum, until her more appalling misgivings are confirmed, and she starts to sob for her executed life partner. This banner the furthermore captivating part of the story.

From here, she is prompted by an intense inclination to reveal reality about her significant other’s passing – yet more blows hit the family: her better half’s reputation encounters cruel feedback and her youngster transforms into a criminal. Presently, it shows up the De Dios family is in the profundities of wretchedness and the most appalling of all.

Help drops by strategy for characters played by more arranged veterans Ces Quesada and Victor Neri (as accomplices from the organization), Menggie Cobarrubias (her sibling by marriage), and Perla Bautista (her nearby relative).

Karl Medina’s short turn as a tormented soul leaves a check in perspective of its drive and agreeableness. JC de Vera shows ensure past scanning lovable for the camera, as he goes on the continue running as Andy, Tonying’s and Mercy’s tyke who is wrongfully faulted.

The feisty Mercy spews out line after line reminiscent (in tone and motivation) of Nora’s masterpiece: “My kin is not a pig!” from Minsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo. There is nothing unforeseen as to her more than convincing delineation.

Regardless, the melodic score all the more as often as possible goes about as a weight rather than enhances scenes. The describing sways in a couple areas, and is just saved by the everyman delineation of the Superstar. The year is balanced off by a Noche Buena eat up with the mother of the family accepting control over the place at the pioneer of the table.

Composed by Arturo “Kid” San Agustin and Real Florido, Kabisera reflects Filipino familial and societal substances and, in perspective of a veritable story, is incredibly applicable to our conditions.

Perhaps the best lesson is our adaptability and ability to wake up and fight again one more day.

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