How to Make Delicious California Maki

California Maki with Mango Ingredients

1) 2 measures of Japanese ricesushi rice is very not the same as Filipino rice.. they’re more white, milder, more round fit as a fiddle; they likewise taste better. In any case, a mother did this thing where she utilized half sushi rice and half Pulutan (Filipino sticky rice w/c we additionally use for rice pastries). She simply cooked them together in a rice cooker. Subsequently, the rice stuck together better and I adored the surface as well!

2) 2 Crab Sticks that are around 10 inches long (or as what I and boyf would call it, fake ass crab meat)

3) a Cucumber/an Avocado or both cut into strips

4) Ripe Mangoes cut into strips (mangoes are my most loved of all foods grown from the ground have the best yellow mangoes here in the Philippines!)

5) Nori sheets

6) 1 tbsp Japanese rice wine vinegar (discretionary)

7) Sesame seeds

8) Mayonnaise (since I figured out how to make my own mayonnaise, I never turned back; I’ll blog about it one of nowadays)



For the plunge:

1) Nori glue

2) Kikkoman soy sauce ( no normal soy sauce will improve)

3) Japanese ginger (these are discretionary, truly)


Along these lines, what are ya waitin’ for, heat up the rice as of now!? Sometimes, my close relative would include like a tablespoon of Japanese rice wine vinegar on the rice. Enhance, she says. All things considered after that is finished.


Take out your bamboo sushi mats, children, we should prepare to roll! In any case, let the rice cool first Right? Meanwhile, conceal the bamboo tangle with stick wrap. At that point, lay one nori sheet on the sushi tangle, sparkly side down; you may then begin scooping the cool rice into the nori sheet, covering it altogether aside from around one-fourth inch at the top end. You may level the rice with some stick wrap, ensuring the tallness is about a quarter inch as it were.


Spread a thin film of mayo on the rice then sprinkle it with a tad bit of sesame seeds (in case you’re not a devotee of sesame seeds, you can do w/o it). At that point, adjust the avocado strips, mangoes, crab meat and cucumber in a flat way at the base portion of the rice.


Crush and Roll. Move it into a log beginning from the base where the fixings are and make certain to press delicately while you’re doing it. Keep rollin’ and squeezin’ towards you until you’ve shaped a flawless little log.


Cut. It’s present time to move your artful culmination into the cutting load up. This is critical; you should ensure your blade is releasably sharp. We took a stab at utilizing a kinda limit cut (I point the finger at boyf for this ? ) and it transformed out into a catastrophe!! All that rolling and pressing just to make a revolting wreckage. Alright, I’m going overboard, so the sushi wasn’t as smooth and even as it ought to be. Lol

Moving on, cut the sushi into even little pieces; you may dispose of the finishes in the event that they’re uneven by just cutting them off, lifting them up then popping them into your mouth? Then, mastermind the cuts on a platter. You may crush some more mayo on top and place the ginger and wasabi and little measure of soy sauce in favor of the platter. I for one like eating California Maki together with Tamago Yaki (formula to take after).

Presently you have yourself a yummy nibble, a starter or a super useful for two. Ittadakimasu!

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