Sunday Beauty Queen

Showing in cinema: December 25, 2016
Director: Baby Ruth Villarama
Stars: Hazel Perdid, Maylyn Jacobo
MTRCB: Rated R-13

Sunday Beauty Queen is a real-life Cinderella tale of a Filipina house helper who dreams to be a Beauty Queen in Hong Kong.



A large portion of the Filipino individuals lives and works abroad; that is near 10 million expats. The financial very work can get a much higher wage than found at home. For example, adjacent work pulls in three conditions the wage on the off chance that you work in Hong Kong in any case we are not talking voyagers going on an Au Pair working occasion. These are moms, mates, school graduates and experts who surrender their lives in the trust of surpassing desires.

The inverse side to the by and large high wage are the hours and conditions they proceed as most are accessible as necessities be 24 hours a day for six days a week. Consider likewise they in like way may even have no shy of what one youngster to mind. There are stories of Filipinos resting in kitchens or on the parlor floor and they much of the time eat alone. Some have associations who are remarkably ruthless, some get completed in light of the way that they mellow Sunday check up time. Everybody is aching to go home and for a couple, they have been working abroad for no less than thirty years. When they lose a business, get ended or, in one case, their manager comes up short frightfully, they have fourteen days to discover new work or face expelling.

still-sunday-fantastic lady 2

Sunday Beauty Queen, is a record that takes after a social event of such experts, overwhelmingly youthful, as they work in this clamoring Asian city. Staying together on their one free day of the week, their social life concentrates on battling and supporting a propelling yearly date-book of gloriousness events. This is their outlet and this is the way to the record of Sunday Beauty Queen. The ladies here start from a broad assortment of foundations and unmistakable districts of the Philippines, with the shared component being they are a touch of the outfitted compel of private specialists that bolster the social events of Hong Kong.

One true blue saltine of a character called Leo is the facilitator of eminence events and a genuine social affair pioneer for the Filipino professionals. Leo is from each edge the front line bolster for a considerable measure of the specialists in this circumstance, giving, where conceivable, sustenance, asylum, leads and direction. Most frantic outcome acceptable, Leo will goodbye them the day they get evacuated. Regardless, come Sunday he is up to the knees in an awful position, corralling the young ladies through storage space and make up, sorting out the planning and introducing the ladies as they vye for the crown of stupendous lady.

Sunday Beauty Queen not just uses the show as access to a swarming diaspora of Pinays in Hong Kong in addition as a counter exhibit the darker side of outside close-by laborer life. A colossal equipped compel of ladies who are utilized as live-as a part of sitters, always available to their boss in any case, standard aside from their day of chance on Sunday. The triumph of this story is that official Baby Ruth Villarama thoroughly subverts the longings of the inconceivability show, taking it from an occasion of despise and manhandle to one of need, one of critical need; an occasion that is helping different people to survive an intense and wreck life.

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