The Unmarried Wife

Showing in cinema: November 16, 2016
Director: Maryo J. De Los Reyes
Stars: Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Paulo Avelino
MTRCB: Rated R-13


A representative stands up to her better half about his treachery.

The Unmarried Wife is a tolerable family dramatization that makes me shout so everyone can hear because of its reasonable issues that it handle beginning from treachery, lady strengthening and broken family. The film is an encapsulation of a couple experiencing a trial division. This film is one of the suggested late nearby issue film that I watched because of its remarkable treatment, acting, screenplay and course. Angelica Panganiban truly did well in this film for grasping her character that I got appended to.

The Unmarried Wife takes after the narrative of Anne and the choices she needs to make after she discovers her better half Geoff undermined her over and over. While her marriage goes to pieces, she meets Bryan , who takes away the agony. This is one of her best exhibitions as an on-screen character in a film that merits an acting designation one year from now.

Will she discover the quality to pardon Geoff or will she proceed onward to Bryan?

Then again Dingdong Dantes has possessed the capacity to give what his character required, predictable to his acting all through and figured out how to act well with Angelica. Paulo Avelino is powerful on his part as a scoundrel or outsider to the primary couple which we don’t ordinarily find in this sort of film. I think he will likewise get an acting gesture one year from now for this film. Praise to the screenplay for giving us an invigorating goofy family dramatization issue film that individuals might dependably want to watch. This is one of my most loved and best Star Cinema film during the current year. Really the Unmarried Wife is the greatest dramatization occasion of the year that value viewing.

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